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Would you like to get away from the crowd, or to go somewhere completely different and get back to basics?

At Equestrian Safaris we can take you into the remote African and Patagonian wilderness on horseback!

Explore spectacular and little known wilderness areas in the company of our experienced guides who are known for their personal approach and extensive knowledge of their areas and local culture.

These trips do not require a high level of horsemanship but you do need to have good balance, an OK level of fitness and a positive attitude always makes for new friends!

Ride location summaries THE AMERICAS: Argentina - Chile - Ecuador - Peru - Uruguay - USA
 EAST AFRICA: Tanzania
Riding Expeditions in Tanzania and South America
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Working ranch

Across patagonia A trip packing in 4 locations right across Argentina; bush, beach, Andean foothills and the pampa. Throw in the trans-patagonian train, Bariloche, Buenos Aires, a bit of polo, some good company and this is much more than just a winning tour of the country.

Argentina - Riding expedition - 14 Days - Level B

Bahia bustamante Ideal for nature lovers, Bahia Bustamante offers a variety of different activities apart from just horse riding - sea lion, killer whale and dolphin watching along the 100km of private coastline - 21 colonies of breeding seabirds, including one of 60,000 Magellanic Penguins, as well as petrels, skuas, cormorants, herons, terns, gulls and ducks - the greatest diversity of sea birds in all Patagonia. An entire private village and its's surrounding terrestrial and sea environment is thus available for you to enjoy Patagonian wildlife in an unspoilt and peaceful setting.

Argentina - Riding holiday - 4 Days - Level A

Gaucho trail Live the life of the traditional gaucho for a few days in the most historic province of Argentina. Ride from estancia to estancia and stay in luxury in the style of the landed aristocracy. Not a stone is to be found on the ground here - it is pure sand and the terrain is ideal for fast canters.

Argentina - Riding holiday - 5 Days - Level A

Patagonia wilderness This is a fast and entertaining 8 day long riding safari in the wilderness of the Patagonian interior that is combined with a ride along the beaches and over the dunes of the Atlantic coast. You ride on two different properties belonging to one of the most hospitable Anglo-argentine families in the country. The two groups of horses that you ride during the trip are the best you can find on any private property in Argentina, while the ground is ideal for riding - sandy without holes or stones.

Argentina - Riding expedition - 7 Days - Level B

Southern cross expedition The distant lands of the far South-western corner of argentine Patagonia is a refuge to some of the most authentic gauchos still around. This is a ride where you get closely involved with this culture and its relationship to the criollo horse. Your guides into the wild baguales mountain range, which is virtually unknown to travellers, are some very colourful characters with great experience of traversing this region on horseback and full of interesting anecdotes about times and events past and present.

Argentina - Riding expedition - 11 Days - Level B